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Simply stated, Bridgewater is a "Business Friendly" town. This is both the result of the positive and supportive attitudes expressed by Town Council and departmental staff as well as to the fair and open policies respecting the establishment and operation of businesses within Bridgewater. At all times, the Town endeavours to meet the needs of both entrepreneurs and established business concerns whether they be a small proprietorship or multi-national firm.

A key partner in creating a business friendly culture and promoting business growth is the Bridgewater Development Association (BDA). The BDA is a registered nonprofit society with a board of directors who are the members of the society and who govern the society. The association promotes economic development in the Town of Bridgewater through the development and implementation of an annual marketing plan. The association is also responsible for the administration of the Bridgewater Business Park.

The Mission of the BDA states: "The Bridgewater Development Association - is committed to marketing the attributes of the Town of Bridgewater to the existing community as well as to businesses and individuals that have been identified as potential new members to our community."

Visit SmartBridgewater.ca

The Bridgewater Development Association's website (http://www.smartbridgewater.ca/) contains a variety of resource materials targeting the needs of business and we encourage interested individuals to visit the site. This includes material on Bridgewater’s:

Strategic Location - Economic Profile - Technology Infrastructure - Workforce - and a variety of related resources and links to other business support agencies serving Bridgewater.