Parks and Trails

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Generations Active Park - The Master Plan - Final Report, December 2011

The Town is very fortunate to have within its boundaries a number of parks and green areas that are reserved in the public domain for years to come. They include wooded parks, such as Glen Allan, Pinecrest, Woodland Gardens, Riverview Park and a waterfront park at the base of Pine Street, totalling approximately 100 acres. These wooded parks are in addition to the numerous mini parks located along the riverbanks and in the downtown core of Bridgewater.

More than 1,000,000 square feet of green space are mowed weekly by the department. Staff is responsible for regular maintenance to these sites, including mowing, liming, fertilizing, edging and aerating. In addition to the above noted work, staff are busy in trail maintenance and trail development. It is the desire of the department to see much of the parkland in Bridgewater linked to the linear park made available with the abandonment of the CN Railway which has since been acquired by the Town of Bridgewater. Trail development will be of paramount importance to the community, as we look at new ways to increase revenue potentials and economic spin-offs for our community.

With the greying society, statistics have shown us that walking is the number one activity that more and more people are pursuing daily to obtain active life styles. We have a unique opportunity in Bridgewater to capitalize on this with the connecting of our parkland with the abandoned rail land. Not only would this be beneficial for our citizens, it would also be beneficial as we try to make inroads in the tourism market. Our trails not only need be on green space, they can also encompass coastal area along the LaHave river banks with the vision of the Bridgewater Waterfront Development Corporation. Interesting links can be made in these areas.

In addition to the sites actively managed by Parks, Recreation and Culture Department, numerous green spaces surrounding Town facilities and areas along various streetscapes are maintained by staff of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department. They include such areas as pumping stations, sewage lift stations, waste water treatment plant, the Town garage, areas in the industrial park, the tourist bureau, the old Dawson Memorial Hospital site and reservoirs in the community.

In addition, the Director is also responsible for site review and recommendation for land acquisition under the Subdivision By-law. Responsibilities are also noted in the Town Property By-law and the Mobile Home Park By-law of the Town.


Highlights of our Parks and Trails include:

The Centennial Trail, an 8-kilometer multi-use trail ideal for hiking, cycling, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.  It meanders through forested areas, meadows and parks along the river and offers an opportunity to run errands as it loops around the town center and its many amenities.

Numerous recreation and leisure parks, playgrounds and greenways dot the town landscape.  Kinsmen’s Field provides athletes with tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields and a running track.  Additional softball, baseball and soccer fields are located at the LaHave Recreation Facility.

The gazebo and amphitheatre of King Street Court provide summertime visitors with impromptu theatre and an encompassing view of the LaHave River.  Birdwatchers, hikers, camera buffs and eco-tourists may opt for the more secluded natural trails set in the woodlands and along the banks of the LaHave River.

On the west bank of the LaHave River at the south end of town, Shipyards Landing offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade and watch the boating activity on the river, or launch your own watercraft from the slipway.  At the north end of town, take a stroll through the old growth stands of white pine and spruce of Riverview Park while keeping an eye to the river for the native Gaspereau or “Kayak” fish as they ply the waters of the LaHave.