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The Growing Green Sustainability Festival is one of the most exciting and innovative community events in Nova Scotia.

This unique festival is dedicated to "sustainability". It is a fun and colourful introduction to the idea that all people can live within the Earth's means, while meeting their basic needs. The Festival features exhibitors and vendors, educational activities, delicious farm-fresh foods, and lots to do for children and youth. Admission for most activities is free! Ever wondered how people power their cars on veggie oil or make their own clothing from scratch using recycled materials? Enthusiastic community members, organizations, and businesses are there to show you how you can do it all yourself using the best of traditional and modern techniques. The Festival is organized by the Town of Bridgewater, the District of Lunenburg, and community volunteers, organizations and businesses.

This year's festival is September 16 to 18.

For more informtion, visit: www.growinggreenfest.com.