Growing Green Festival 2016

The Growing Green Festival is one of the most exciting and innovative community events in Nova Scotia.

This unique festival is dedicated to “sustainability”. It is a fun and colourful introduction to the idea that all people can live within the Earth’s means, while meeting their basic needs. The festival features exhibitors and vendors, educational activities, a natural playground and lots to do for children and youth. The festival is organized by the Town of Bridgewater, the District of Lunenburg, and community volunteers, organizations and businesses.

The 2016 event featured 2 days of community events and drew hundreds of visitors. The Earth Savers of Tomorrow event – was created to include schools and students. This brought out over 1400 students to the grounds to visit, participate and engage with businesses and organizations who focus on supporting our natural environment. The highlight for many students was the Natural Playground created by Helping Nature Heal. The Crave Local dinner hosted by Wile’s Lake Farm Market was a sold out food and beverage tasting event. The Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation team – toured the LaHave River Watershed and spoke about some of the many projects they are working on to support our clean rivers. Their team also lead the TD Friends of the Environment Tree Planting at the outdoor classroom in Bridgewater. The Sustainability Fair featured an Up!Skilling Expo – showcasing weaving, wool harvest and use, as well as bicycle repairs. Local musicians entertained throughout the day, and a visit from the South Shore Lumberjacks to play ground hockey were all key components of the event.

Sustainability comes in many forms. In 2017 the focus will be on Energize Bridgewater. What can we do to create a sustainable energy sources? How can we support renewable energy? What will the Earth Savers of Tomorrow accomplish in relation to Energy efficiency?


The video above shows the Earth Savers of Tomorrow – big event!


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