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Master Plan

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The Downtown & Waterfront Master Plan proposes a bold new vision to revitalize Bridgewater's downtown to promote an active lifestyle, a healthy community and increased economic vitality. It is intended to guide the function, form and character of future development within the downtown core and along the LaHave River waterfront over the next twenty years. The Master Plan proposes both visionary and practicable improvements, including those related to public infrastructure, programming, and planning and development policy and regulation. Specific projects inlcude:

  • King Street Reconstruction
  • New LaHave River Crossing
  • King St. & Victoria St. Roundabout
  • LaHave Streetscape Improvements
  • Improved Active Transportation Connections
  • Riverside Park & Old Bridge Plaza
  • Old Bridge Landing Park
  • Old Bridge Retrofit

Master Planning Process:

The Master Plan was prepared by Ekistics Planning and Design, in association with Cantwell & Company, SNC-Lavalin, and Form:Media, and is the culmination of a six month long study process founded on extensive public engagement and best practices research. The project was commissioned by the Town of Bridgewater in acknowledgement of the need to envision and plan for the future of the Downtown, in a manner that is sustainable, visionary and pragmatic.

Originating in the fall of 2012, the Plan followed a broadly based public engagement program that sought input from a variety of stakeholder groups and the public through a range of formats and opportunities. The resulting Bridgewater Downtown and Waterfront Master Plan is reflective of the ideas and community dialogue heard throughout the process. The vision for the master plan came into focus during a series of public events where participants outlined their ideas for the Downtown. The Master Plan was approved in principle by Bridgewater Town Council on April 15, 2013.

While many of the key issues that emerged were complex, with divergent viewpoints and perspectives, the one overarching theme that connects the community together is the overwhelming love for Bridgewater. In moving forward, it will be important for the Town, the public, and key community and stakeholder groups to come together and work collectively to address the issues of this plan. This is the best way to successfully address the long term implementation of the various plan elements and projects.

Master Plan Document & Mapping:

Each section of the Downtown & Waterfront Master Plan may be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

pdf Cover, Table of Contents & Acknowledgements (620 KB) master plan cover

pdf 1.0 Origins (1.86 MB)

pdf 2.0 Building Blocks (4.98 MB)

pdf 3.0 The Plan (6.63 MB)

pdf 4.0 Planning Policy (3.53 MB)

pdf 5.0 Moving Forward (376 KB)

pdf Appendices (549 KB)


The Master Plan layout may be viewed by clicking on the below thumbnail:

master plan layout

Implementation Strategy:

The Downtown Plan Advisory Committee (DPAC) is currently developing a detailed Implementation Strategy for the Downtown & Waterfront Master Plan, which will help to prioritize Master Plan projects and initiatives, and guide specific budget requests to Town Council. Once this document is finalized and approved, it will be published on this webpage for public access.

For details and updates regarding the Phase 1 implementation of the Master Plan plan you may click HERE.