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Efficient Renewable Energy

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Most of our energy today comes from fossil fuels. Our community faces the direct effects of this, including air pollution and climate change, as well economic and social problems due to rising energy costs and dwindling oil reserves. A sustainable energy future will include full use of renewable, clean sources of energy, and eliminate needless waste. As a result, energy will be affordable for all people in our community, and secure energy sources will sustain a thriving economy.

We have 3 goals for sustainable energy:

  1. Our community has reduced the energy needed to build, maintain, and power our built environment
  2. Our energy needs are met through secure sources of renewable energy
  3. All people can afford energy for their homes, businesses, and transportation means


What is the Town of Bridgewater currently doing to promote sustainable energy?

Energize Bridgewater.  The Town has launched an ambitious 18-month initiative to engage a broad cross-section of local residents and businesses in education and action on the topic of energy sustainability.  The work will result in a Community Energy Investment Plan that will set out an economically viable path toward a low carbon, sustainable energy future for the community.  For more information please visit www.energizebridgewater.ca


Clean Energy Financing Program. Starting in the summer of 2016, the Town began offering financing to Bridgewater property owners for upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes at a low lending rate (4%). The program has been enabled through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program by-law.  The Town pays for the total cost of the work (labour & materials) after the upgrades are complete, and recovers the cost from the property through a municipal lien. Through this lien, the homeowner repays the Town in installments through that property’s tax bills over a period of up to 10 years.  The program is administered by the Clean Foundation.  If you are a Bridgewater homeowner or a local contractor who is interested in learning more about the program, please visit the program website at www.cleanenergyfinancing.ca

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for 2016 is currently full. However, we are taking registrations for our waitlist for 2017. If you are interested please send in your registration forms and you will be given priority to enter the Clean Energy Financing Program should it continue into a second year (it is currently a pilot program).


Energy Efficiency Upgrades.  All Town facilities, including Town Hall, the Fire Hall, the DesBrisay Museum and the Arena have undergone energy upgrades to their lighting, heating, and ventillation systems over the past few years.  These technological changes are already demonstrating considerable savings on our annual energy bills, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.  Learn more about the Town's efforts:

  Solar Energy Installations.  Three municipal buildings have solar hot water systems installed on their roofs.  These upgrades are saving on our annual energy bills, and demonstrate the Town's leadership in renewable energy to the community.

News: The Town of Bridgewater was recognized by Efficiency Nova Scotia for excellence in energy management through a Bright Business Award (October 2 2014).  See the video.


    How will the Town of Bridgewater measure success in the future?

    Over the long term, our goal is that sustainable energy will result in the following measurable changes in the community:

    energy reduction:

    - less energy consumption
    - more buildings with high environmental standards
    - less waste going to landfill

    renewable energy: - more renewable energy production
    - reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    - more renewable energy systems for homes & businesse
    affordable energy - fewer people living in energy poverty
    - reduced business spending on energy
    - more transportation alternatives accessible to all people

      We will achieve these successes by continuing to improve our own operations, by working with community partners and businesses to start new programs, by setting appropriate public policies that relate to energy, and by advocating for sustainable energy policies at the provincial and federal levels of government.

      Sustainability News & Updates

      The Town of Bridgewater launched Energize Bridgewater in July 2016!  The 2016 Growing Green Festival will be held on September 16-18.