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Active Transportation Leadership Award - Nomination Form

Do you know someone who walks, rides a bike, or uses a wheelchair to get around town? Do you admire their efforts? Or do you know a local business or community group that works hard to help others get around town using these means? The Town of Bridgewater honours individuals and businesses/organizations who make outstanding efforts to walk or wheel to get from place to place (we call this "active transportation"). The Town continuously accepts nominations for the annual Active Transportation Leadership Awards. Past year's winners are recognized on the Town's >Active Transportation website and on a permanent plaque at Town Hall. Awards are presented each year by the Town of Bridgewater.

Using the form below, you can nominate a person, business, organization or group. 2018 nominations are due by August 1, 2018.

Who are you nominating?
They are a(n):
What mode(s) of active transportation has the individual or organization demonstrated leadership in?

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If other, please describe:
Please describe how the person or organization makes outstanding efforts to use active transportation in the community of Bridgewater.
What benefit or value has this person or organization's actions brought to the community of Bridgewater?
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Please provide YOUR name so we can contact you to learn more about the person or organization you are nominating. If they win the award, we will also ask you for their contact information so they can be notified.

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