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Sustainability Partnerships

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The Bridgewater Sustainability Partnership program was managed by the Town of Bridgewater to engage the community in developing the ICSP and encouraging grassroots and business leadership in sustainability.  The program ran from 2008 to 2011. The program was open to any local business, organization or community group (incorporated or not) that wished to take part in the Town's sustainability initiatives in a more meaningful way.

Over the course of a nearly two years, Partners provided the Town with their time and energy to create a truly community-based plan. The details of their commitments were contained in a “Sustainability Partnership Agreement”, which was signed by all our Partners. This project was funded by the Town of Bridgewater, and there were no financial costs associated with participating as a Partner.


Down to Action - July 21, 2009

Our partners took their participation in our Sustainable Bridgewater Partnership Events very seriously. Here are a few pictures from the "Down to Action" session.



YMCA Leon__Csp_Himmelman

Partnership Details

The definition for "Partners" is broad, and we welcome all forms of organizations:

  • businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • other governments and government departments
  • community groups
  • clubs

The Sustainability Partnership Agreement outlines the basic committments of partners, summarized as follows:

  • Endorse and support the development of Bridgewater’s ICSP, and commit to actively participate in this project
  • Support the movement of this community toward a sustainable future
  • Learn about and support the use of The Natural Step as our common sustainability guide
  • Work together using our shared Partnership Principles (collaboration, open communication, integrity, innovation, inclusive engagement, responsibility, transparency, and integration)
  • Attend regular Partner meetings (approximately 4 per year) to give their input on the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
  • Plan and complete 3 "quick hits" - simple actions that will make the business / organization / group more sustainable

Thanks to their involvement in this initiative, Partners will have the opportunity to:

  • Become known for their interest in creating a sustainable community
  • Be part of an important movement that is taking place around Nova Scotia and around Canada
  • Have direct influence in this planning process that will shape our community and ultimately affect all of us
  • Network with other progressive organizations in this community and region, and build organizational relationships with them
  • Build the knowledge and skills of their members and/or employees by participating in this community program
  • Learn about developing their own sustainability plans and actions

Most Recent List of Sustainability Partners (2010)

The Town of Bridgewater has signed Sustainability Partnership Agreements with the following businesses, organizations, and groups (alphabetically):

  1. Best Friend Line
  2. Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
  3. Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce
  4. Bridgewater and Area Kinsmen Club
  5. Bridgewater Baptist Church
  6. Bridgewater Chiropractic Services Ltd.
  7. Bridgewater Fotosource & Art Supply
  8. Bridgewater Insurance Agency Ltd.
  9. Bridgewater Junior Senior High School
  10. Bridgewater Pharmacy Ltd.
  11. Bridgewater Police Services
  12. CKBW
  13. Claussen Walters
  14. Dave's Vacuum Clinic
  15. DesBrisay Museum
  16. Digital Fusion Inc
  17. Ellora Natural & Organic Foods
  18. Helping Nature Heal Inc
  19. Hendersons Cleaning & Maintenance
  20. Jo-Lo Developments Ltd
  21. Kiesling Construction Ltd
  22. Lighthouse Publishing Ltd
  23. Lunenburg / Queens Federation of Agriculture
  24. M & M Meatshop
  25. Michelin North America (Canada) Inc.
  26. Morgan Donat Massage Therapist
  27. Nova Scotia Community College - Lunenburg Campus
  28. Nova Scotia Community College - Lunenburg Campus - Heritage Carpentry
  29. Nova Scotia Environment - Bridgewater Office
  30. Nova Scotia Health Promotion & Protection -Physical Activity, Sport, Recreation - South Shore Regional Office
  31. Nova Scotia NDP, Lunenburg West Candidate, Gary Ramey
  32. O'Regan's South Shore
  33. Park View Education Centre
  34. Park View Education Centre - Environment Club
  35. RBC Royal Bank
  36. Region 6 Solid Waste Management
  37. Scotia McLeod / The Bears Group
  38. Sou'Wester Wind Field Inc.
  39. South Shore Health
  40. South Shore Public Libraries
  41. South Shore Regional School Board
  42. The Fairview Inn
  43. The Nodding Group
  44. Tsunami Wash
  45. Wildwood Cafe
  46. Windhorse Farm
  47. YMCA Lunenburg County


Notes: (1) The Town of Bridgewater has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg to work jointly on the development of Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. (2) This is a non-partisan program - we have extended invitations to all four of the major political parties to join our program.

icon_pdf Download our Sustainability Partnership Agreement, which provides details on the committments and roles that come with partnership.
icon_pdf Download our Introduction to Partners, which provides a brief summary of the Partnership Agreement.