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Michelin Nature Discovry Park for TOB site

Michelin Nature Discovery Park is located at 323 LaHave Street, just south of the hustle and bustle of Bridgewater's Downtown shopping core.

The park has been integrated in an environmentally conscious manner around a riperian zone along the banks of the LaHave River.

Visitors can park safely at street level and access the riverside locale via a wide, sloping gravel trail.

In terms of design, the park has a performance/classroom platform and rustic, amphitheater-style benches, creating a serene learning environment. A lookoff platform added in early 2019, and interpretive panels are scheduled for future installation.

This park was made possible in large part through the support of Michelin North America. It was also supported by a TD Tree Days Planting Event, which saw some 110 native shrubs, plants, and trees planted in this park and along the roadside to help prevent erosion of the riverbank and increase habitat for wildlife.

Michelin Nature Discovery Park is designed to be a quiet, restful oasis, allowing visitors to connect with nature, just feet from the heart of our shopping and services core.


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