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South Shore Vet Dog ZoneTHE STORY OF OUR DOG PARKDog Park South SHore VEt DOg Zone

The Generations Active Park Master Plan, a roadmap for the future recreational use of approxiamely 18 acres of parkland on the west side of Glen Allan Drive, was completed in December 2011. A key component of that master plan, and something identified as a high-priority project through public consultation sessions, was the inclusion of a leash-free dog park.

In the 2012 budget year, a detailed design and drawing concept was completed for the leash-free dog park site. In December of 2013, tree thinning took place at the site and the summer of 2014 an entrance to the future site of the South Shore Vet Dog Zone was developed off Glen Allan Drive, icnluding the addition of two trails, culverts and landscaping. On October 14, 2014 a Terms of Reference for an Ad-Hoc Off-Leash Advisory Committee was approved by Bridgewater Town Council.

The purpose of this committee is to help to continue to move the off-leash park project forward and provide additional assistance and support for this exciting project.  The ad-hoc advisory committee is responsible for advising the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee on policies, the design, phasing, communications and fundraising plans for the future off leash dog park.

pdf Click here to view the (319 KB) Terms of Reference.

In July of 2015, Bridgewater Town Council formally approved the naming rights application submitted by South Shore Veterinary Services in support of the off-leash dog park. As part of the agreement, the park will be formally known as the South Shore Vet Dog Zone for a period of 10 years and, in exchange, South Shore Veterinary Services has agreed to generously contribute $10,000 to the project.

After two more years of intensive prep work on site, the South Shore Vet Dog Zone dog park officially opened to the public on July 6, 2017!


What dog park amenities would you like to see to make your visit to our off-leash dog park a more pleasant one?

Help us raise funds for agility hoops and jumps, fire hydrant, etc. by ordering a Small or Large Dog Bone that will be affixed to the fence around the dog park. Made of stainless steel and engraved, this will serve as a long term special dedication in memory or in honour of your pet.

Cost:   Small Dog Bone 6.25" x 3.5" - $25 each;    Large Bone 12.5"x7" - $50 each.

To download a form to purchase a SMALL bone in support of the South Shore Vet Dog Zone, click here. To download a form to purchase a LARGE bone in support of the South Shore Vet Dog Zone, click here.


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