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The Worry Birds

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The Worry Birds was formed in January 2010. Lead singer and song writer Zach Smith had been playing and touring with the Celtic rock band "Pogey" for five years and was finally ready to start his own group. Zach had played with Adelle Meagher (double bass) in the past and had talked about performing together again but wanted to find a good fiddle player before moving forward with the new project. Fortunately, Adelle knew Bhreagh MacDonald (fiddle) with whom she had played in a previous band. Bhreagh agreed to come over and jam and The Worry Birds was born.



When The Worry Birds first started they knew their goal was to play original music but that was about all they knew. They practiced regularly and managed to arrange a couple of Zach's songs but got stuck on a song called "Lonely Road". This song had been performed by Pogey many times and it contained drums and certain riffs that were difficult to realize with the Worry Birds' instrumentation. It needed to be drastically changed. Over a number of rehearsals, a concerted effort was made to re-arrange "Lonely Road" and at long last the band was able to come up with an arrangement that bore little or no resemblance to the Pogey version. It was this lengthy process that really helped define the "Worry Bird" sound.


The Worry Birds' sound brings together the influences and backgrounds of all three members to create what could be described as "Celtic influenced folk". Adelle has a classical background and is therefore proficient in the use of the bow as well as the more common pizzicato. Bhreagh, being brought up in the Cape Breton fiddle tradition, plays with the strong sense of groove inherent in that idiom and also has a great ear for harmonizing along with a song, and Zach brings his many years as a touring drummer/percussionist to the guitar resulting in a driving, rhythmic playing style.