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What is Sustainability?

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"Sustainability" means, simply, living in a way that can be sustained: continued for the foreseeable future without using up irreplacable resources. In terms of the Growing Green Festival, we approach sustainability as a goal. Our intent is to help create a future in which our community is living within the  means of our environment, while continuing to thrive and provide people with their basic needs.


Few people would disagree that they want a future for their children that is just as good, if not better, than the one that exists today. But creating that desired future is not that simple, because of a number of global and local problems that are threatening the health of people and the places they live. These include:


  • Environmental concerns such as climate change, the destruction of wildlife habitat, and the pollution of air and water
  • Social concerns such as access to basic services such as health care, food, shelter, and education
  • Cultural concerns such as a maintaining community bonds, fostering a sense of community identity, celebrating culture & diversity, and protecting our heritage
  • Economic concerns such as ensuring decent living standards for all, high levels of good employment, and encouraging learning and innovation


Sustainability acknowledges that these issues are a very real threat to our community. Through recent consultations with the Bridgewater community, members of our town made it clear that we want to live in a community that is clean, vibrant, and a good place to live and work. We want to have a community that both meets today’s needs and prepares for the needs of future generations.


In addition, good sustainable practices:


  • Are healthy and safe, and promote people’s overall physical and mental wellbeing
  • Help other people in our community meet their basic needs too (e.g. building skills & capacity, fair
  • labour standards, reduce poverty, etc.)
  • Improve relationships and cooperation between people, and increase our sense of community
  • Support the local economy
  • Increase our ability to be self-sufficient
  • Improve the places where we live (e.g. making them safer, more beautiful, and more accessible)


To learn more, or to learn skills and techniques to move toward sustainability in your personal life, simply come to the Festival and visit some of the booths of our many sustainability educators! There's lots to know, and lots of people here in the Bridgewater area who are happy to help. We look forward to seeing you there!