King Street c. 1885
King Street c. 1915
G. H. Burkett & Co. c. 1890

Bridgewater's Built Heritage

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Bridgewater boasts a great variety of architectural styles and features, which are generally not noticeable at first glance. Its merchants, entrepreneurs, and professionals created many homes of magnificent construction and craftsmanship. It is important to preserve these buildings so that they can be appreciated by future generations!

The Heritage Property Act was passed in 1980, and amended in 1990. The purpose of this Act is to identify and protect built heritage--buildings, structures, districts--of historic, architectural and cultural value, and to encourage the continued use of this resource.  

The Act also authorizes municipalities to establish a registry of locally significant heritage properties, by adoption of a Heritage By-Law. Properties are registered by authority of the Municipal Council, on the recommendation of a Heritage Advisory Committee.

To substantially alter or demolish a municipally registered heritage property, owners must obtain the approval of the Municipal Council. Failing to obtain such permission, an owner may notify in writing the Municipality of the intended alteration, wait one year, and then undertake these alterations without penalty.

Heritage Homes...

Well-built and durable
Energy efficient
Create community pride
Increase property value
Rejuvenate communities
Create affordable buildings
Save local memories
Define the community’s image
Reduce need to develop green spaces
Generate income
Reduce green house gas emissions
Generate jobs
Reduce landfill