Bridgewater Heritage Advisory Committee is accepting applications for a Recognition Award Program. Applications can be from any individual or organization who has contributed to preserving, advocating for and/or promotion of Bridgewater’s built heritage. Although applicants need not live in the town of Bridgewater, their work must have contributed to the built heritage of Bridgewater.

The Bridgewater Heritage Recognition Award Program was established to acknowledge and honor those individuals who have been committed to the preserving, advocating for and promoting Bridgewater’s built heritage.

It is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a strong passion for preserving our built heritage, educating our community of its importance and ensuring that it survives for future generations.

The award may be given annually by the BHAC Recognition Program Sub-Committee to an individual or organization who meets the designated criteria.

Types of work that are recognized include:

  • Developing a collection which is available to the community to promote the appreciation of built heritage and its preservation.
  • Proven to have increased awareness of built heritage and its preservation through the production of publications, public media, or education programs.
  • Proven to have led a significant fundraising effort to support the restoration of a historic structure.
  • Lead a program of advocacy and awareness, which has initiated the preservation or improvement of a Bridgewater heritage property.
  • Proven to have provided longstanding voluntary service to an organization dedicated to preserving built heritage

  • Recognition Program Sub-Committee selection occurs annually.
  • A call for nominations and applications will occur in September of each year. Forms can be found on the website.
  • The Recognition Program Sub-Committee will set a deadline for applications each year to be the first Monday in November. The Sub-Committee will arrange promotion of the program and the application deadline at least 6 weeks before deadline date.
  • A completed nomination form and all required supporting documentation will be due the first Monday of November of each year.
  • Applications will be reviewed to ensure that the forms are complete and all required documentation is present.

All completed applications will be circulated to the Selection Committee along with the selection criteria.


  • Featured on Town of Bridgewater, DesBrisay Museum and Built Heritage websites
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Presentation at Town Council Meeting
  • Featured in local newspaper ad/article


  • Committee Chairperson will review applications for required documentation and eliminate any incomplete applications.
  • Committee will be given complete copy of all applications three weeks in advance of selection meeting.
  • Each Committee member will complete selection criteria form for each application and total points.
  • Committee will meet to review the applications.
  • Results of members evaluated will be tabulated.
  • The successful applicant will be informed in writing.
  • The date of award reception to be negotiated. 

The following are guidelines and procedures required to consult on application for the Bridgewater Heritage Advisory Committee Recognition Program.

An Award Nomination Form must be completed by all applicants and submitted to the BHAC Recognition Program Sub-Committee on or before the submission date, enclosing any supporting documents that prove how best the individual or organization has served to preserve and promote Bridgewater’s built heritage.

Nomination Guidelines

    • Application will be for individuals or organizations.
    • The individual must be recognized for work done within the Town of Bridgewater, or must be living within the Town of Bridgewater boundaries.
    • Persons or organizations who were nominated previously, but did not receive an award, are eligible. The Nominations Form and any supporting documents must be resubmitted to the BHAC Recognition Program Sub-Committee by persons or organizations previously nominated, on or before the submission date.
    • Significant proof must be shown that the individual or organization has taken part in some way to the preserving of our town’s built heritage.

Nomination Categories

    • An individual or organization who possesses a personal collection of memorabilia which has been shared with the community to promote appreciation of heritage.
    • An individual or organization who has created and distributed the production of publications or public media, education program, preserving heritage buildings.
    • An individual or organization who has initiated significant fundraising efforts to support the restoration of a historic structure.
    • An individual or organization who has worked for the advocacy and awareness of historic structures with a substantial result of preservation or improvement of a Bridgewater Heritage Property.
    • An individual proven to have provided a longstanding voluntary service to an organization dedicated to preserving built heritage

Nomination Procedure

  • Note: only one award will be given out per year and selection for an award may not occur every year.
  • Please submit a completed Nomination Form by the submission date and submit to the BHAC Recognition Program Sub-Committee.
  • Two letters of recommendation are required, outlining the contribution of the nominee to built heritage in the Town of Bridgewater.
  • Please also submit any other supporting documentation, articles written by nominee, research done, proof of volunteer work, photos, media reports, and any other documents that provide proof of contribution to the education, preservation, and promotion of Bridgewater's built heritage.

See Nomination Application Form

Documents necessary to complete a nomination application include:

  • Completed nomination application form
  • ·Two letters of recommendation from two different people or organization
  • Supporting documents that may provide significant proof of contribution such as articles, research, photographs, media reports, reports of building preservation, proof of volunteer work.·
  • Note: All forms and documents are to be submitted on or before the advertised submission date of the year.

Applications can be mailed to:

Town of Bridgewater
c/o Heritage Advisory Committee
60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater, NS· B4V 3X9

Applications may also be dropped off at 60 Pleasant Street in Bridgewater
or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..