075 Alexandra Avenue

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Address: 75 Alexandra Avenue Heritage Status: Recognized
Built: 1908 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Four Square



  • Large white Four Square style house suffered little alterations except for enclosure of a portion of the veranda (common amongst homes of this type) and addition of flat-roofed small extension on the side
  • Both carried out quite compatibly, probably added early on
  • Finely detailed mouldings on the cornerboards and fascia (under eaves) and details on posts supporting veranda roof
  • Typical hipped roof and hipped dormer, along with hipped roof veranda
  • Bay window on second story protruding above doorway, 6–paned window sashes
  • Bay window on left-hand side of building on ground floor level



  • Bought in 1908 from William Owen, noted Barrister, for $400.00
  • First owner (1908-1950) was H. Kathleen Olive, probably wife of Allan W. Olive who operated “Taylor Drug Company” and then “Olive and Taylor”, with branches in Bridgewater and Mahone Bay
  • Owned by Francis and Frances MacPherson 1950-1962, he was publisher of Bridgewater Bulletin