King Street c. 1915
G. H. Burkett & Co. c. 1890
King Street c. 1885

137 Queen Street

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Address: 137 Queen St. Heritage Status: None
Built: Between 1884 and 1885
Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Lunenburg County Vernacular



This home features a central frontispiece, consisting of a hipped roof dormer extending into the roofline and an enclosed porch on the first storey. The front door is surrounded by a transom window and sidelights. Moulded cornerboards and moulded window hoods are also present.



E.D. Davison Sr. (lumber magnate of E.D. Davison and Sons Ltd.), built the home to be used as a manse for the Methodist church. It served as a manse until 1928 and now is used as a private family dwelling.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum


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