Address: 2 Jubilee Road Heritage Status: Recognized
Built: 1844 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Colonial, Georgian, Neoclassical, Bracketed, Vernacular



  • One of most architecturally intact old homes in Bridgewater
  • Dormer and veranda are not original but are compatible with style so does not tarnish originality
  • Note brackets on veranda turned posts
  • Dormer in neoclassical style, Verandah in Victorian Neoclassical or Queen Anne style
  • Note also front door underneath veranda; original entrance
  • It has sidelights and moulded trim
  • 6 over 6 windows
  • Essentially Maritime Vernacular style



  • Land originally owned by William Oakes (may have built house); he operated oxen-teams that would haul schooners the 2.5 mile journey to Bridgewater to avoid raising sails or using a coach
  • Built c. 1844 by Obediah Parker, a tanner from Bridgetown operating tannery on nearby brook
  • 1859 to 1885 owned by Hebbs (David until1863, Abraham, then Aaron 1863-1885), tanners and farmers
  • Owned by Charles and then William Kemp m1885-1894, carpenters
  • 1894 bought by Captain Jacob Crouse, captain of S.S. Bridgewater (ship that travelled from Bridgewater to Halifax)
  • Owned by daughter Maude E. Dagleish until her death in 1978.
  • In late 19th century, this end of town was the “manufacturing centre of the county” with a shipyard, steam mill, blacksmith shop, furniture factory, three foundries, four factories, several gang mills