25 Phoenix Street

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Address: 25 Phoenix Street, St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Heritage Status: None
Built: 1906-07 Builder/Architect:

Boehner Brothers of West LaHave designed it; Frank Young of Lunenburg framed it; and Robert Veinot directed the finished work. Finished materials were supplied by Telfer Brothers of Caledonia.

Style: Gothic Revival





Multi-gable roof with triple stained glass lancet windows in the two main gables facing the street. It also has interesting curved triangular windows in the gable ends of the nave and a circular, oculus windows in the tower





The land for this church was purchase from Philo and Freelove Beardsley for 25 pounds in 1850. This church, built in 1906/ 1907, was the second church built on this site. The first church was built around 1850 and by 1900 had deteriorated to the point that a new church was needed. In 1905, the old church was struck by lightening and burned down. The new church, built a year later cost $8,000 to construct and was built by locals with local materials.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum