1075 King St.

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Address: 1075 King St.

Heritage Status: None
Built: c. 1883
Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Maritime Vernacular 


  • This gable roofed house has an ell with a gable roofed dormer protruding from it. It also has decorative work at the ends of the bargeboards and the gingerbread at the peaks of the building.


  • While the age of this house is unclear, Peter Daniels purchased this lot in 1850 from William Slocumb. A house is identified as "Daniels" on the A. F. Church Map (c.1883) Victoria Ernst purchased the property at a tax sale for $200. Ernst was the first woman physician in Bridgewater as well as being a buyer and seller of much property within the town.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum