686 King St.

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686 King

Address: 686 King St. Heritage Status: None
Built: 1905-1907 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Boomtown/False Front



There was originally a house at this location, with a doubly-peaked roof and shingles. This can be observed in the back of the building, but the front has been replaced with a tiered façade, giving the building a boomtown style. It has undergone multiple renovations since its build, and now exhibits rolled asphalt, false brick cladding on the second storey and a board and batten siding on the first floor.



The deed of 1905 mentions a house standing in this site, but the deed of 1907 mentions a building. Therefore, George Kelly (owner of the property during this time, also the first owner of 700 King St.) replaced the original peaked roof house with this boomtown building. Notable owners include Victoria Ernst, the town’s first female physician from 1927 until her death in 1940, and Sagors’ Bookstore who bought the property in 1976.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum and Biography Files, DesBrisay Museum