1703 King St.

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1703 King St. min

Address: 1703 King St. Heritage Status: None
Built: circa 1885 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Elements of Modified Gothic and Greek Revival



This gable roofed house has a gabled ell on its side. There once were returned eaves and a shed dormer that has since been removed. Modern renovations have caused this house to lose much of its original architecture, such as the added siding and shutters as well as the replaced windows.



There is a deed associated with this property from 1910 stating that James Hubley had resided on the property “for the past twenty-five years”. The house is not found on the 1883 A. F. Church Map, so this evidence points to a build date circa 1885. Including Hubley, there were 7 owners between circa 1885 – 1980.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum