695-699 King St.

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695 99 King

Address: 695-699 King St. Heritage Status: None
Built: 1905 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Main Street Commercial



This is a three storey building which has been greatly altered since its construction. Few features have survived since its build in 1905, such as the sloped cornice with end brackets at roof level and the recessed doorways. An architectural element that has been lost through renovation includes the windows on the 2nd and 3rd storeys. The building also houses one store now rather than two as it used to.



Robert and Kenneth Dawson were notable merchants in Bridgewater, who built this building as well as maintained businesses at 688 and 673 King St. Following the Dawson’s ownership which lasted until 1908, Aaron Crouse owned the property for one year, and then Frank Davison and his heirs owned it until 1918. Notably, this building housed the Smith’s Furniture Store and Bakers Leather Goods in the 1950’s.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum