120 Pearl St.

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120 Pearl

Address: 120 Pearl St. Heritage Status: None
Built: circa 1890 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: No particular style



This is a tall house with a gable roofed structure, and does not conform to one particular architectural style. Notable features include the pediment over the main doorway supported by columns, as well as the original shingling and cornerboards. Additions to the original structure include a veranda on the backside of the building, as well as multiple windows.



John Doering purchased this property from Sophia Hays in 1889 for $187, and his widow sold it in 1917 for $1600, suggesting that a house was built within this time frame. Also, this house was used as Doering’s residence, so it is likely that it was built shortly after he purchased the lot, hence a build date of circa 1890. Following Doering, owners included William Vienot for one year, Asaph Whynot for two years, and then other members of the Whynot family until 1980.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum