Address: 114 Aberdeen Rd

Heritage Status: None
Built: c. 1871 Builder/Architect: Trustees of East Bridgewater School Section
Style: Greek Revival



  • This simple, gable roofed dwelling was originally used as a schoolhouse. A notable feature is the triangular window set into the gable end. The open porch was probably a later addition.



  • This was the first schoolhouse built on the east side of Bridgewater. The land was purchased by the Trustees of East Bridgewater School Section in 1870, and this structure was erected shortly thereafter. It served East Bridgewater students until 1914 when all outlying schools were closed in favour of the centrally located Bridgewater Academy, constructed in 1913.  At its peak, it housed over 70 pupils. It was sold in 1917, to Louise Davison.


Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum