Address: 58 Alexandra Avenue                                  Heritage Status: None

Built: 1906                                                             Builder/ Architect: Unknown

Style: Greek Revival

Architecture:  This house has a gable roof and cross gable wings with returned eaves.  The front porch and second-storey recessed balcony are finely detailed, especially the intricate railing of the balcony, the turned posts supporting it, and the fine brackets hanging under the balcony roof. There is also a small third-storey recess with windows in it, adorned with a smaller scale version of the balcony's railing.

History: Charles Foss bought the land from the heirs of John N. Hebb for $400 in 1906. A year later, Foss sold the property for an undisclosed amount. Judge Arthur Roberts bought the home in 1913 and named it 'Fernwood'.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum