Address: 6 Alexandra Ave.

Heritage Status: None
Built:  c. 1895

Builder/Architect: Probably Alden Wile

Style: Greek Revival



  • The original section of this home shows elements of Greek Revival with its gable roof, return eaves and decorative window hoods. A truncated hip roofed section, which is a later addition, intersects this gable roof at the rear, however.  These two sections are unified by an open veranda.



  • A building labelled "J. Newcombe" (the first owner) appears on this property on the A.F. Church Map (c.1883) but it is probably only the outbuilding and not the main building on the present property. Joseph Newcombe probably built his small building in the early in the 1880s and sold the propert to Alden Wile in 1893. Wile then built the present dwelling in the mid 1890s and retained the Newcombe building as an outbuilding. Alden Wile was a building contractor who built several houses and other buildings in Bridgewater, including the one which was Lahave Furnishings (on the corner of Dufferin and King Sts.). He died in 1913 and the house was passed to his widow Maria, who ran a grocery store in the Lahave Furnishings building. The house was passed on, in later years, to their daughters, Cora Wile and Hilda Wile, who was the wife of George Zwicker.
  • The home is currently used as apartments.


Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum