28 Dufferin

Address: 28 Dufferin St.

Heritage Status: None
Built: 1910 Builder/Architect: Robert Lamb
Style: Elements of Greek Revival


  • Re-siding has completely obscured the original texture and detail of this house. 


  • This home was built by Robert Lamb, a respected conractor and carpenter. Robert, a native of Scotland, born in 1828, is assumed to have either lived here or next door at #32 Dufferin Street. Robert was twice married, his first wife being Freelove, eldest daughter of the late Robert West, merchant of Bridgewater. Robert Lamb was thought to be the finest contractor of his time and his many successes include St. Joseph's Catholic Church, railway stations on the Caledonia Branch line, and local homes including #30 and #32 Phoenix Street. The death of Robert occurred at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. W.R. McNally on December 23, 1928. 

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum