100 Elm

Address: 100 Elm St.

Heritage Status: None
Built: 1840-1855 Builder/Architect: Eithere George Solomon or Fred Waterman
Style: Maritime Vernacular


  • This wood house is very much intact in its 19th century form. Note the gable roof which has been extended over the veranda addition. Elements such as the projecting dormer with its unique shingle detail and entranceway added to its historic character over the years. Unfortunately, modern elements have crept into this incredible house. This was the first house on Elm Street and its secluded location on a hill very much adds to its farmhouse character.  


  • This house was built by either George Solomon or Fred Waterman between 1840 and 1855. Original owner of the property was Geroge T. Solomon, a Barrister. Frederick Waterman bought the 160 acre property in 1855 for 200 pounds, an amount sufficient to include a house as well as acreage. Assessment records seem to confirm this as they estimate construction to be 1840. Frederick Waterman farmed at this property. He had a daughter Bessie and a son Charles who was a well-known Bridgewater painter and paper hanger.  

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum