Address: 82 Elm St.

Heritage Status: None
Built: 1889-1899 Builder/Architect: Probably Davison Lumber and Manufacturing Co.
Style: Greek Revival



  • This house shows elements of Greek Revival with its gabled roof, returned eaves, centralized chimney at the peak and window hoods. Also note the "L" plan, pendant gingerbread in the gable and decorative shingles. This house was sturdily built with wood and "cut" nails. 



  • This house was probably built between 1889 and 1899 for Forrester (Florrie) Waterman, son of Frederick Waterman. This was a time of great expansion for Bridgewater and, in particular, East Bridgewater with the Davison Mills bringing much prosperity to the area.


Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum