Address: 279 King Street
Heritage Status: None
Built: c 1874 Builder/Architect: John Mosher
Style: Maritime Vernacular


It has an unusual octagonal dormer/ tower on the front of the house.  Large, curved brackets at the corners and under the eaves are typical to the Lunenburg Country area.  It also has small bay windows flanking the main entrance on the front facade.




William Ross, a merchant, sold the lot to John Mosher in 1873.  Mosher was a house builder by trade and built this house shortly after buying the land.  When Mosher passed away in 1888, his wife, Adelia, continued to reside in the home until a new home was built for her on the same large lot in 1902.  It was then sold to Captain Edmund Manning.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum