Address: 317 King St.

Heritage Status: None
Built: 1889 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Maritime Vernacular


  • By its style, this house looks more like an early 20th century house than one built in 1889. However, church records clearly state that it was built in 1889, following the sale of the old parsonage (#325 King). In that year, the house certainly would have been regarded as thoroughly modern. It is still quire intact in its original style. It has a broad, 2 storey bay set into the corner of the house. It also has graceful curves on the posts supporting the veranda roof.


  • The trustees sold the parsonage lot to James Curll in 1889. The article in the Bulletin (June 19, 1963) states that the new and present parsonage was built in that year.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum