Address: 271 King St.

Heritage Status: None
Built: c. 1885-1900 Builder/Architect: John Mosher
Style: Greek Revival 


  • This late 19th century house shows elements of Greek Revival with its gabled roof oriented towards the street, return eaves and what was originally 3-bay façade. There is also a 2 storey projecting bay with a pedimented gable roof projecting from the side of the house. The house also has a granite foundation. Its original window hoods have been removed with the installation of modern windows and siding.


  • This house appears to have been built by John Mosher between 1883 and 1888. It may have also been built for his widow, Adelia, by somebody else after his death in 1888. Adelia sold the older house next door in 1902 and presumably moved into this one until her death in 1930.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum