543 45 Lahave

Address: 543/545 LaHave St. Heritage Status: None
Built: circa 1906 Builder/Architect: Davison Lumbering Co.
Style: Boomtown



This building has a flat roof with a façade that extends beyond the roof level in a boomtown style. The original structure had windows on the façade with moulded window hoods, which have since been covered with siding. Another alteration due to renovation includes the added porch on the side of the building.



This building was likely built circa 1906 by Davison Lumbering Co. for A.F. Davison (the son of E.D. Davison). The style of the architecture is typical of buildings used for businesses built at this time on the west side of the river. Following Davison’s ownership from 1906 to 1932, other owners included Charles Waterman from 1932 and 1940 as well as Emma Beck from 1940 to 1945.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum