Address: 164 Pleasant Street
Heritage Status: None
Built: 1879 Builder/Architect: Unknown
Style: Various, including Gothic Revival




This house is a combination of the original house and a later addition.

The original structure was the section with the gable roof and triangular Gothic dormer.

The addition is the gambrel roofed section.

Each window comes complete with hood moudling



Soloman Bent was a millwright and in 1879 he purchased the lot for $410. Then in 1886, Bent sold the lot for considerably more than what he purchased it for, indicating that the house was likely built while the lot was owned by Bent. In 1913 the house was sold to Coffill Family and stayed within the family for over 70 years. Under Joseph H. Coffill, a store, located on King Street, was opened in 1908. The J. H. Coffill shop dealt in bicycles in its early years and eventually branched out into selling marine engines and even radios.

Source: Built Heritage Files, DesBrisay Museum