While the historic presence of the Mi'kmaw in the LaHave River Valley dates back thousands of years, the greater Bridgewater area's period of European settlement is relatively young by comparison, beginning around 1810. The community grew from an inland trading post to a hub of commerce, lumbering and milling, shipping, and services by the 1880s. During the period that followed 1880, many of Bridgewater's historic dwellings that still stand today were built.

But time is now always kind and progress often supercedes preservation of histroic buildings. The following index of homes and buildings were each once a part of Bridgewater's rich built heritage, but have been lost to the ever-changing landscape of our community.

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11 Pleasant Street

12 Phoenix Street

92 Queen Street

100 Queen Street

536 LaHave Street

542 LaHave Street

550 LaHave Street

558 LaHave Street

72-74 Pleasant Street

700 and 704 LaHave Street

726 LaHave Street

76 Aberdeen Road

129 Aberdeen Road

141 High Street

155 York and 125 Empire

156 Aberdeen Road

221 Victoria Road - LaHave Foundry

278 Victoria Road

Bridgewater Academy

Bridgewater Central School

Bridgewater Train Station

Dawson Memorial Hospital

Original Fairview Inn

View from St. John's Presbyterian Church in 1890

Holy Trinity Church Hall

LaHave Hotel/Doran's Hotel

Logan House

Miller House

St. John's Presbyterian Church

210 King, Acadia Gas Engines Office

Grace Methodist Church