Share This! This contains numerous useful sections on North American architecture, including:

Home Style Guide:


Architectural Timeline:


Pictorial Dictionary of House Styles in North America:


Architecture Glossary:


Architecture Guide:’s architecture page, which includes a pictorial guide to Residential House Styles:


Buffalo Architecture and History:


Created by Chuck LaChiusa and devoted to Buffalo, New York, and its architectural heritage, it contains an extensive Illustrated Architectural Dictionary:


And guide to Architectural Styles (


Building Canada:


Created from the collection of Professor Emeritus John Bland, of McGill University, who was instrumental in creating the course The History of Architecture in Canada, is the first of its kind in the country.

It contains a Glossary:


And a section on Nova Scotia:


Built Heritage Resource Guide:


This is a section in the Virtual Archives portion of the Nova Scotia Archives &

Records Management website.

It includes pages on House Styles:


Destroyed Built Heritage:


Building Materials:


as well as a list of Further Readings:


Canada’s Historic Places:


Federal-provincial website devoted to Canadian historic places, containing the Canadian Register of Historic Places:


Featuring many national, provincial, and municipally registered sites, the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada:


And Why protect historic places?


A printable version of the Standards and Guidelines is available here (Registering Your Heritage Building>Documents>Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada).

Historic Places Initiative Program:


Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture, and Heritage website for the Historic Places Initiative, including contact information.

Maitland Heritage Conservation District Plan & By-Law:


Maitland is a community in the Municipality of the District of East Hants; this document contains information about the construction and design of heritage buildings, complete with many illustrations. Noteworthy pages are (7-11, 17, 45-72).

Nova Scotia Heritage Trust


Formed in 1959 to "arrest the random decimation of Nova Scotia’s built heritage", it publishes the quarterly magazine The Griffin, and contains articles on heritage homes.

Nova Scotia Heritage Properties


Nova Scotia Historic Places Initiative


This website for the Historic Places Initiative contains a Registry of Heritage Property, including all Municipally Registered Properties, as well as Conservation Resources:


Old Houses


This website about old homes includes a House Style Guide with Examples:


Ontario Architecture


Created by Shannon Kyles of Mohawk College, it contains a photographic listing of Building Styles:


Building Terms:


Town of Truro


The Town of Truro website has a large section on heritage buildings, including a section on Building Styles:


Their Heritage Conservation Design Guidelines contain explanations of historic building designs, as well as a list of definitions and a listing of common Truro architectural styles, typical of most Nova Scotian towns, which includes a photo to illustrate each example.

V&A Architectural Style:


The Victoria & Albert Museum in the United Kingdom has an illustrated site of key features of architectural styles.

A Virtual Tour of the Architectural Heritage of Antigonish, Nova Scotia:


Created by Professor Laurie Stanley-Blackwell of St. Francis Xavier University for the course "A Cultural and Intellectual History of Canada", it contains useful information on small town architecture in Nova Scotia, including Common Architectural Styles and Glossary of Terms:




Wikipedia is a valuable resource that can be used to look up many architectural terms or styles. In addition to articles on specific terms or styles, the following pages may be useful:

Outline of architecture:


Glossary of architecture


History of architecture


Architectural style


Index of architecture articles

List of house styles


Timeline of architectural styles

Yarmouth Community Heritage:


This website is part of a project by the Joint Heritage Advisory Committee of the Town of Yarmouth and the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth.

It contains a pictorial Guide to Built Heritage:


Selected DesBrisay Museum Resources:


Busy East of Canada, The. Bridgewater on the Beautiful LaHave, 75th Anniversary  Reprint. Liverpool: Morton’s, 1993.


DesBrisay, M. B. History of the County of Lunenburg. Milton: Global Heritage Press,



Friends of the DesBrisay Museum and Bridgewater Heritage & Historical          Society. One

Hundred Years: A Pictorial History of Bridgewater. Bridgewater: Lighthouse, 1999.


Harlow, Audrey. The History of Bridgewater: the story of Bridgewater Nova Scotia.

Bridgewater: DesBrisay Museum Trustees, 1967.


Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia. South Shore Seasoned Timbers, Volume 2. Halifax:

Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, 1974.


Heritage Unit of the Nova Scotia Department of Culture, Fitness, and Recreation. A Nova

Scotian’s Guide to Built Heritage: Architectural Styles 1604-1930. Halifax: Heritage Unit of the Nova Scotia Department of Culture, Fitness, and Recreation.


Penney, Allen. Houses of Nova Scotia: An illustrated guide to Architectural Style

Recognition. Halifax: Formac, 1989.


Plaskett, Bill and Selig, Gary. Historical Perspectives on a Modern Town: A Tour of

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, as part of “Seminars ‘85” Federation of Nova Scotian Heritage. Bridgewater: DesBrisay Museum, 1985.


Ricketts, Shannon; Maitland, Leslie; Hucker, Jacqueline. A Guide to Canadian

Architectural Styles, Second Edition. Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2003.


Rosinski, Maud. Architects of Nova Scotia: A Biographical Dictionary, 1605-1950. Nova

Scotia: Province of Nova Scotia, Department of Municiple Affairs, Heritage Section, 1994.


Sheppard, Tom. Historic Bridgewater: Images of our Past. Halifax: Nimbus, 2008.


The following list identifies various fundamental books on Nova Scotia's built heritage.


Archibald, Stephen, and Sheila Stevenson. Historic Houses of Nova Scotia, 2003.


Carter, Margaret (Parks Canada). Researching Heritage Buildings, 1983.


Department of Culture, Recreation & Fitness, Heritage Unit. A Nova Scotian's Guide to

Built Heritage: Architectural Styles, 1604-1930, 1985.


Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia. Researching a building in Nova Scotia, 1984.


Kimball, Fiske.  Domestic Architecture of the American Colonies and of the Early

Republic. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1922.  Republished Dover Publications, 1966 and following.


Latremouille, Joann.  Pride of Home: The working class housing tradition in Nova

Scotia, 1749-1949. Formac, 1989.


Martin, Margaret Burn, "Deeds and documentation of early Nova Scotian buildings" in

Nova Scotia Museum's The Occasional, vol. 3, no. 1, Summer 1975, pp. 10-20.


Pacey, Elizabeth. Landmarks: historic buildings of Nova Scotia.


Penney, Allen. Houses of Nova Scotia: an illustrated guide to architectural style

recognition, 1989.


Rifkind, Carole. A Field Guide to American Architecture. New American Library, 1980.


Rosinski, Maud.  Architects of Nova Scotia: a biographical dictionary, 1605-1950, 1994.


Wallace, Arthur W. An Album of Drawings of Early Buildings in Nova Scotia. Heritage

Trust of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Museum, 1976.


Suggested in A Nova Scotian’s Guide to Built Heritage Architectural Styles, 1604-1930:


Abell, Walter. “An Introduction to Canadian Architecture”. Canadian Geographic

Journal (1991).


Humphreys, Barbara A. and Meredith Sykes. The Buildings of Canada: a guide to pre-

20th-century styles in houses, churches and other structures. Montreal: Parks Canada / Reader's Digest, 1974.


Rosinski, Maud. “A Study of Nova Scotia Architects”. Halifax Heritage Unit of the Nova

Scotia Department of Culture, Fitness, and Recreation, 1982.