60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater, NS, B4V 3X9
Tel: 902-543-4651 Fax: 902-543-6876
Emergency After Hours Tel: 902-543-5142

Kennel Club, South Shore
Contact: Angela Slauenwhite, Secretary
Trying to decide on a breed for your next dog? Dog shows are the perfect place to meet breeds that you don’t see everyday. You can also have a chance to talk to their owners and breeders to ask any questions you may have about the breed.
SPCA, Dartmouth Shelter
5 Scarfe Court
Dartmouth, NS
B3B 1W4
Phone: 902-468-7877
Proudly following open-admission and no-kill principles, the Nova Scotia SPCA is a registered charity that helps companion animals in need. Every year, nearly 15,000 pets are helped through animal rescue, progressive programs, and rehoming opportunities.
Bluenose Agility & Recreational Canines Association (BARC)
Contact: Kalip Fraser, Chairperson
Phone: 902-531-2038
It is BARC's aim to provide a forum for dog owners to pursue activities and share information that will enrich the dog-human bond and serve as a model of responsible dog ownership in our communities. For fun, we play: agility, rally-o, obedience and freestyle.
SHAID Tree Animal Shelter
Mailing Address: UPS Store, 100 High St., Ste. 138 | Shelter Location: 950 Mullock Rd.
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
B4V 1V9
Contact: Kelly Inglis, Shelter Manager
Phone: 902-543-4849
Fax: 902-543-0385
SHAID Tree Animal Shelter is a registered charity (130169113RR0001) established in 1986. We provide temporary care and shelter to helpless animals in distress and place as many as possible into loving and responsible homes. We are proudly a no-kill shelter. We also strive to educate the public in responsible pet ownership and strongly promote the spaying and neutering of pets.

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