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Bridgewater Transit Bus GuidelinesBridgewater Transit buses are low-floor accessible vehicles with an entrance ramp for wheelchairs and strollers. Each bus can transport up to two wheelchairs or provide space for large strollers.

Bicycle racks
Loading your Bicycle

  • Remove loose items like bottles before the bus arrives. Signal to the bus driver you want to load your bicycle. You must load and unload the bicycle without assistance.
  • Squeeze the handle to release the rack and slowly lower it.
  • Lift your bicycle on to the rack and fit the wheels in the front and rear slots.
  • Pull the support arm up and over the front tire to secure your bicycle. Be sure the bicycle is secure before boarding the bus.
  • Do not lock your bicycle to the rack.
  • Maximum weight is 55 lbs per bike.

Unloading your Bicycle:

  • When departing the bus, tell the operator you are unloading your bicycle.
  • Pull the support arm out and over the front tire to release.
  • Lift your bicycle off the rack and raise the rack to the upright position.
  • Step away from the bus and signal to the operator that you are clear of the bus.

 All riders use the bicycle racks at their own risk and the Town of Bridgewater assumes no liability for lost or damaged bicycles.

Priority Seating
The seats located at the front of the bus are priority seating for senior citizens, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Operators are required to secure all wheelchairs using a four-point securement procedure in addition to a shoulder belt. When securing a wheelchair the passenger should not move their chair unless asked to do so by the bus driver. Detailed information can be found in the Ride Guide and if you require assistance in learning how the four-point securement procedure on the bus works, please contact Town Hall and we can assist you.

At each accessible bus stop, the bus stop sign will soon be marked with an accessibility symbol. Please note, unfortunately, the bus cannot accommodate scooters. Some print documents state the bus can accommodate 3-wheeled scooters, but it can only safely accommodate wheelchairs

Service Animals
Service animals are welcome on the bus and no permit is required, however the Town of Bridgewater encourages the use of certification documents to assist operators in distinguishing between service animals and pets. Your service animal must behave appropriately and remain well-behaved and under control. Animals may not sit on bus seats but can sit on the owner’s lap or at their feet. Owners are responsible for damage or soiling.

Explore your community!
Bridgewater has a lot to offer its residents and you can use the bus to explore nearby natural spaces, recreation hubs and local businesses. Learn more at www.explorebridgewater.ca!

Trails and parks
Are you curious as to how the Transit route interacts with out parks system? Visit www.explorebridgewater.ca and use our online interactive map to see how Bridgewater Transit can take you to so many amazing natural and fun aemnities in our community!

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Passengers with strollers can board using the entrance ramp. If there are no wheelchairs, that space can be used to secure them. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety.

Bicycle racks are located at the front of the bus and are available on a first come first serve basis. You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle but the driver can explain the process. See above for more details.

Smoking, including the use of electronic smoking devices, is prohibited on the bus.

Food and Beverages
NEW! Consumption of food is prohibited. Beverages must be in a spill-proof container. Please respect our space and remove any waste when you exit the bus.

Drinking alcohol or possessing open or unsealed containers of alcohol is prohibited.

Babe in Arms
The safest place for a young child while on board the bus is in the arms of an adult. If a child is to remain in the stroller during the ride, be sure the child is secured using the restraint system in the stroller.

With the exception of vested service dogs, animals are prohibited on the bus, unless properly secured in a closed cage or carrier for the duration of the bus ride.

Passengers are required to wear a shirt, bottoms and footwear while traveling on the bus.

Wearing light or reflective clothing is always a good idea if travelling before dawn or after dusk and waiting to board the bus.

Passengers are asked to respect others who may be sensitive to fragrances and consider a scent-free environment.

Luggage and groceries should not exceed more than what is manageable by one person. Aisles and doorways must always be clear of items that could impede the flow of passengers.

In order to maintain a sanitary environment, the transportation of garbage, recycling or compost is prohibited.

Scooters, skateboards and rollerblades
Two-wheeled scooters, skateboards and rollerblades are permitted on the bus but must be held securely by the passenger.

Electronic devices
Passengers using electronic devices such as cellphones and music devices are asked to use earphones and adjust the volume accordingly as to not disturb other passengers.

Lost and Found
If any items are found on the bus they will be kept in the transit lost and found located on the luggage racks in the bus.

There are no refunds on purchased tickets and passes. If you encounter a problem, please contact Town Hall.

Riders must have exact cash fare.

One Fare -- One Loop
Passengers who pay one fare may ride the bus for one loop only. If they pay more than one fare, they may ride again at the discretion of the driver.

ProfanityTOB App Product shot
The use of profanity is not permitted on the bus.

Important Information
Bridgewater Transit does its best to follow the posted schedule to transport you to your destination safely and on time. On occasion however, road construction, inclement weather or traffic issues may cause delays in the schedule. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times. We highly recommend you visit www.bridgewater.ca/bus to view our Transit Tracker -- we also post transit service notices on that dedicated page. You can also follow the Town of Bridgewater on Facebook or download the iBridgewater app to get notices about bus service directly to your phone (standard data rates apply).

Town of Bridgewater Transit drivers have the authority to deny passengers the right to board the Town of Bridgewater buses or remove any passenger who may be causing a disturbance or damage to the bus.


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