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Bridgewater Sustainability Festival 2008

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This event was organized in the summer of 2008 by Sustainable Bridgewater, which is an initiative of the Town of Bridgewater to create a long term plan to become a sustainable community.  Please browse this website to learn more about Sustainable Bridgewater, or to find our contact information.


The Festival was a success!  We had over 300 visitors stop by for all or part of the day.  By all accounts everyone found it a fun and educational event.  Thanks to everyone who participated and attended! 


New!  Click here to see a video of the event, produced entirely by a Community Youth Team working for the Town of Bridgewater in collaboration with Lighthouse Publishing! 


Sustainable Bridgewater display table

Mayor Publicover opening the event
Visitors with prizes! Education on reycling
Jake and Melissa Wentzell and their tipi Farmers selling local produce
Activities for children Local business owner and her environmental products
Community Youth Team making the video Kids at play with juggling sticks
Performance by belly dancers Theatrical production on endangered species
Moby S. Loop educating children on recycling Fuel efficient Smart Car



Below is information on the event. 


FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Come celebrate a summer of sustainable living with us!  The event will be held at Shipyard’s Landing on August 23rd, 9AM-2PM (rain date: August 24th, 12noon-5PM).  The Festival is the public launch of "Sustainable Bridgewater", a 2 year community planning process.  It will highlight local examples of environmental and social responsibility, and celebrate options for sustainable living. The Festival is open to everyone.  It will feature:

  • Farm market selling local produce
  • "Sustainable Living Fair"
  • Great entertainment (music & drama)
  • Activities for kids
  • Food for sale
  • Tons of cool door prizes!

This will be an “environmentally friendly” event, so please do your part to minimize waste - bring your own plates / cutlery / shopping bags! 

"Sustainable Living Fair" Participants


Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation (BCAF) is a non-profit charitable organization that addresses the environmental concerns within a Lunenburg County watershed. BCAF’s goal is to promote the restoration, enhancement, and conservation of our ecosystem through research, education, and action.



Citizens for Public Transit 

Citizens for Public Transit is an advocacy group of local people who are dedicated to the establishment, for as many Lunenburg County residents as possible, of a sustainable, affordable, accessible transit system.


Clean Nova Scotia

Want to save some gas? The DriveWiser program is the fuel efficiency program for the province, helping you to get from A to B using the least amount of fuel possible. Brought to you by Conserve Nova Scotia and Clean Nova Scotia. The booth will also have other information about Clean Nova Scotia’s programs, including the Climate Change Centre and the EnerGuide for houses program! www.Clean.ns.ca, http://www.drivewiser.ca/ 


Dave's Vacuum Clinic

A 23 year old Bridgewater business that was recycling parts long before it was the in thing to be doing. Betty and I have accessed two environmentally friendly lines of cleaning products to help the residents as well as the business sector of the south shore become green. These are the Ecopure and Biomor lines made in Canada. Along with these products we have recycling containers, electric hand dryers, and chemical free cleaning with the Polti steam units. We also can give instructions and help with these products.


DesBrisay Museum

The DesBrisay Museum will be featuring three of Bridgewater's endangered species.  Visit their booth to learn more about flora and fauna at risk in our community. Fun activities for children. 


Frank Fawson / Ecology Action Centre

Frank Fawson is a Dayspring resident and carpenter with a long background in the construction industry.  He has been a contractor specializing in retrofitting older homes and a community college trades instructor.  In more recent years he has focused on energy efficiency and thermal solar for both domestic hot water and space heating in his own century old farm house.

Frank recently published an article on his solar installment in the Ecology Action Centre's magazine, Between the Issues. Frank will have copies of the magazine, along with more information about the work of the EAC, including brochures describing the SolarGain project. Stop by and learn why being an EAC member is a great way to support sustainability in Nova Scotia.



Gilbert van Ryckevorsel 

Gilbert will be presenting mirror art and underwater photography rendering BLUEFIN TUNA of St.Margaret's Bay Atlantic salmon - showing the quality of original Freshwater Resources.  He also has an art gallery in Mahone Bay (under construction), hosting a two mirror Kaleidoscope multiple reflection phenomenon with Fantasy Monsters appearing today on Planet Earth when caused by Global Warming "JUAN THE HURRICANE MONSTER"

Helping Nature Heal Inc 

Owner, Rosmarie  A Bradley BA
Organic Gardening, Landscape Design and Educational Service, serving Nova Scotia and beyond.


Jake & Melissa Wentzel 

Jake and Melissa Wentzel have been living in their tipi on the south shore for a year and a half, offering wilderness skills programs and sharing their unique lifestyle with people.  Most recently they have set up a small farming co-operative in Pleasantville where folks who are interested in how to grow food and survive in community have been coming to live and learn.



Kejimkujik National Park

This booth represents 3 organizations: Parks Canada, the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI), and the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association (SNBR). Together they will have information about Species at Risk, MTRI, and volunteer opportunities in the SNBR ...  they'll also perform a play called SHARK, which highlights all three (see Entertainment below).


Municipality of the District of Lunenburg

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg is developing its Integrated Community Sustainability Plan over the next year. Please feel free to follow up with Douglas Reid, ICSP Coordinator for the District, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for further information.  



Natural Building

Barbara Shaw, resident home owner and natural builder, will be showcasing the construction of her straw bale home with hands-on demonstrations. Learn how to create your own cob and natural paints! Barbara will also provide information on straw bale construction supplied by Straw Bale Projects with various examples of straw bale homes throughout Atlantic Canada and research information on same from CMHC.


Region 6 Solid Waste Management

Region 6 Solid Waste Management assists 13 municipalities in 4 counties with initiatives such as waste reduction, recycling education and the greening of public events. For more information on Region 6, please visit our website at http://www.ecomom.ca/ 


Solar Nova Scotia

Solar Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to energy conservation and the use of renewable forms of energy. Solar Nova Scotia promotes an accelerated move to a 'soft energy path,' incorporating energy conservation and all forms of renewable energy: passive and active solar, photovoltaics, wind, biomass, geothermal. We believe that these technologiesare the key to a sustainable future, both regionally and globally.


South Shore Regional Library

South Shore Regional Library: Your Community Information Resource, serving Lunenburg and Queens Counties www.ssrlibrary.ca 


Sou'Wester Wind Field

The Sou’Wester Wind Field is a community-based, volunteer-driven enterprise representing Lunenburg, Queens, and Shelburne Counties. Our mission is to increase the amount of renewable energy generation in Nova Scotia by investing in locally-owned and locally produced renewable energy projects. (www.scotianwindfields.ca).



Sustainable Bridgewater

Sustainable Bridgewater is the organizer of the Festival, and will set up a booth where the public can come with any thoughts or questions about sustainability in Bridgewater.  There will be information available on what members of the Bridgewater community can expect for the following 2 years of the consultation process.  For more information, please browse this website.


Sustainable Housing & Education

Sustainable Housing is a company committed to assisting builders and homeowners in creating energy efficient and healthy homes, while respecting and helping the environment. We deliver unbiased, professional services with this goal in mind. 




The Nodding Group

The Nodding Group is going greener!  We value the environment by sourcing the least invasive techniques and products available to apply to all our endeavors, minimizing as much as possible, our footprint on the Earth.   Among the many diverse craftsmanship within The Nodding Group, we will be featuring our solar hot air and hot water systems, source recycling separation units, Pink Solution (all natural, multi-purpose cleaner) and Yamaha boat motors, which exceed Canada’s emission standards.  






Ann & Victor Naugler - Organic Vegetables

Growing Organic vegetables and fruit, honey for 17 years in Italy Cross.


B.W. Wildsmith Sustenance Gardens - Natural Vegetables

Small farm, using permaculture principles. Growing mixed salad greens  and vegetables for restaurants and market.

Cranberry's Dining Room at the Fairview Inn - Lunch Treats

The Fairview Inn offers quaint dining in Cranberry's and historical accomodations in the oldest operating inn in Nova Scotia, catering to corporate clients, visiting guests and the town of Bridgewater.  Cranberry's is proud to be preparing an environmentally friendly food option at the Festival.

Nature Home Foods - Baker

Nature Home Foods bake European style bread—without chemicals or preservatives. Uli, the German baker, bakes 26 kinds of bread.  We sell locally in Bridgewater and Liverpool.


Nolan Cannon - Hats made of recycled material

Nolan is a teenage boy with a flair for art and design. His merchendise is recycled, one of kind clothing and hats. He also makes devil sticks and juggling balls out of recycled materials.


Quest Coffee Co.

Fresh Roasted  whole beans or ground Coffee

  • For restaurants, office & home
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Over 10 years on the South Shore
  • McCulloch Rd, Bridgewater location
  • Global variety including Swiss-water Decafs, Organics, Espresso, Fair-Trade & Direct Trade

Sarsam Farm - Vegetables

Sarsam is a family run farm producing vegetables without pesticides or commercial fertilizers, as well as Christmas wreaths and garlands. Sarsam uses horse- power and no tractors. They are planning on delivering fresh vegetable to the doors of interested Bridgewater residents, starting spring 09.



Terra Beata Farm - Cranberries

Terra Beata is an 11 acre cranberry bog on  Heckman’s Island. We have been growing cranberries and making pure cranberry juice and dried cranberries for 10 years.

Provincial open farm day 2nd last Sunday of September. Cranberry u Pick.


Una Rhodenizer - Maple Syrup

A small maple syrup producer and family farm, doing things the old fashioned way. Naturally produced syrup.




David Cook

David Cook is a popular storyteller. He has been interested in Lunenburg County folklore for years. He has a particular fascination for local ghost stories and stories depicting everyday life in our unique area. David has revealed Lunenburg County culture to Elderhostels, the Bridgewater Bulletin, conferences at Oak Island Inn, White Point, Milford Lodge and more.  People love to tell him their experiences because they know he is interested.  If traditions are reflections of culture then David knows the county's secrets.



Drumming and Dance Circle




Feather Report

They perform a lively blend of jazz standards spiced with original tunes.




Jewels of the East

This is an Egyptian Dance Troupe formed in 1979. This ancient Middle East dance form had its beginnings in village and tribal life.  Its origin stems from the veneration of the woman's procreative powers.  It is not just a nightclub entertainment, as is thought by many in western cultures, but is a "people's" dance.  All participate in this expression / celebration of life: young and old, male and female.

Many  of  our favourite choreographies were created  by  Denise  Enan and Lala Hakim.  Both Denise and Lala are from Egypt.   Denise  currently  resides and teaches in Hull, Quebec and Lala Hakim resides and teaches in Montreal, Quebec.

Classes can be found in Bridgewater, Mahone Bay, and Chester.


SHARK - by Kejimkujik National Park

Stewardship Biologists at Parks Canada have teamed up with Keji Staff, MTRI, and Bear River First Nations to collaborate with playwright Reid Campbell and create "SHARK", a play with music about Species at Risk and the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve. Alexi Payzant, Brennan Caverhill, Jennifer McKinnon, and shalan joudry form the cast and crew, who will be animating the plight of Species at Risk in southwest Nova Scotia in this quirky comedy. 


South Shore Pipe Band

They'll get the blood pumping with a rousing blend of traditional martial music!





Conserve Nova Scotia

Conserve Nova Scotia has responsibility for the planning, development, and coordination of policies and programs for energy efficiency and conservation, including public education and social marketing/behaviour change.  It serves as a focal point for all forms of energy efficiency and conservation measures through partnerships with federal, provincial, municipal, private-sector, and not-for-profit agencies. The vision of Conserve Nova Scotia is to create a culture of energy efficiency and conservation among Nova Scotians. 



M&M Meat Shops

M&M Meat Shops, Bridgewater, is co-sponsor of the Volunteer Comfort Station.




Town of Bridgewater

This Festival is funded by the Town of Bridgewater. 









Image Download the Festival Poster.  [PDF - 250Kb - may take several moments to download on a slow connection]
bridgewater_sustainability_festival_map_2008 Download the Festival Site Plan.  [PDF - 600Kb - may take several moments to download on a slow connection]