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BRIDGEWATER BOARD OF POLICE COMMISSIONERSBridgewater Police Board Crest color Converted
The Bridgewater Board of Police Commissioners is a Board established in accordance with the Nova Scotia Police Act consisting of seven (7) members. The seven member Board is made up of 3 Councillors; 3 Council appointees who are neither Councillors nor employees of the Town; and 1 member appointed by the Minister of Justice.

The Board shall assist the Police Chief in the creation of programs and strategies to implement priorities, objectives and goals respecting police services in the community. The Board acts as a conduit between the community and the police department to ensure police services are delivered in a manner consistent with community values, needs and expectations. The Board works closely with the Police Chief to ensure both a strategic plan and business plan are in place.

The current Bridgewater Board of Police Commissioners includes:

Darren Lipsett -- Board Chair and DOJ Appointee
Cheryl Fougere -- Vice Chair and Town Council Appointee
Mike Conklin -- Town Council Appointee
Fay Patey -- Citizen Rep
Diane Spencer -- Citizen Rep
Andrew Tanner -- Town Council Appointee
David Walker -- Citizen Rep

Tammy Crowder -- Town Chief Administrative Officer / Staff Resource
Scott Feener -- BPS Chief of Police
Danny MacPhee -- BPS Deputy Chief of Police

For Police Commission meeting minutes and more details, please click here.

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