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The following guidelines have been drafted to assist residents of the Town of Bridgewater intending to construct a deck and/or for the installation of a swimming pool and fence.


There is one Permit Application form to apply for all necessary permits. This form can be obtained from the Engineering or Planning Departments, sent upon request via mail, fax or email, or downloaded in PDF format The application must be signed and returned with necessary details and payment:

Permit Application Information Page

Development Permit:
This permit is concerned with where the deck, fence and pool are placed on a lot in relation to property boundaries. A Development Permit must be signed by the owner of the lot, or the agent of the owner of the lot (with owner’s written authorization), and be accompanied by a plot plan showing structure(s) location. Further information may be necessary to determine conformation with the requirements of the Land Use By-law. There is a $25 fee for this permit. 
Building Permit: 
This permit is concerned with how the deck, fence and pool are built. Applications must be accompanied by detailed drawings. A Building Permit may be issued after a Development Permit is issued. The cost of this permit is $3.00 per $1,000 value of construction (materials and labour). The minimum fee is $25 for projects valued under $8,500.  
Occupancy Permit
The Building Inspector must inspect the work that was done. If the work meets the code requirements and no unsafe conditions exist, an Occupancy Permit can be issued. This is the final step in the Building Permit process and an Occupancy Permit can only be issued after a final inspection. Please contact the Building Inspector at the Engineering Department. There is no additional cost for this permit.  

PLEASE NOTE > An Electrical Permit and Inspection from Nova Scotia Power is required for pool / hot tub installation.

What details are required when applying for a permit?
It is very important to provide us with as much detail as possible. Remember to apply early to avoid disappointment. It may take time for an application to be processed. 

Please provide details of where and how the deck will be constructed.  Submit a detailed drawing (or complete the attached sample Exterior Deck Elevation Drawing).

View Swimming Pool By-LawSwimming Pool Fence:
Please see Chapter 168 " pdf Swimming Pool By-law (579 KB) ". This By-law contains the necessary information required to install a swimming pool and fence. Please provide details of where and how the fence and pool will be constructed.

What inspections are required?
You are legally responsible for notifying the Engineering Department so that the Building Inspector can inspect the work that was done to determine that the work meets the code requirements. If no unsafe conditions exist, an Occupancy Permit can be issued.  

An application for which any permit is not issued within six months is considered abandoned. Permits, unless otherwise stated, are valid for one year and are renewable.

Failure to comply with the required information could produce delays in obtaining necessary approvals. 
We are pleased to assist with making your permit process as smooth as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


The Bridgewater Public Service Commission does not provide pool-filling services. Please contact a local commercial water provider for assistance.

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