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Bridgewater Business Improvement District

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2021 10 06 Proposed BID areas 2021It’s been an exciting summer in the Bridgewater business community. In July 2021, a group of local merchants and commercial property owners met for the first time with the shared vision of establishing Bridgewater’s first Business Improvement District/Association.

The inaugural session was attended by more than 20 representatives, each with a keen interest in what a BIA could mean for the area in and around Downtown Bridgewater. Participants included representatives from South Shore Centre, Mama Pita, King Street Beer, Wonderland Milkshake & Smoothie Bar, Black Seal Properties, Intentional Connection, Fancy Pants Café, Northwood Rings, Winners, Swain Chartered Professional Accountants, CR Optical, and more.

Flowing out of the initial meetings, the group decided to form a steering committee that will work over the coming months to establish the BIA as a legal entity. Simultaneously, they’ll be talking to Bridgewater’s business community about how they feel a BIA could best serve the town and encouraging others to get involved.

Initially, there is a focus on establishing a BIA in core of the community on King, LaHave, and Pleasant Streets, as well as Aberdeen, Davison, and the lower corridor of Victoria Road (see Zone 1 in the adjacent map). But that doesn't mean the BIA will stop there -- it could even be an entire community, as has been done elsewhere in Nova Scotia.

If you own property or operate a business in Bridgewater, we want to hear from you! We need to know what you see as challenges facing the business community and opportunities for a BIA to help make doing business in Bridgewater better for you!

Please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BridgewaterBIA to complete this survey as soon as possible! We also invite you to share the link with other business and property owners in Bridgewater.

A Business Improvement District or Association is, typically, a non-profit organization run by and representing the interests of local business owners.

BIAs work to identify what is needed to ensure growth and create an attractive environment, taking on tasks that range from event planning to improving built streetscapes, to collective marketing. Historically, BIAs have been proven to improve employee attraction and retention, increase sales, improve property values, and generally get things done in support of business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Bridgewater Business Improvement Association and how you could get involved, please call 902-521-3802 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.