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It’s our mission to help lower energy costs for Bridgewater’s homeowners, tenants, and landlords. We envision a future where residents have affordable and efficient energy for their homes and transportation. 

In 2019, Energize Bridgewater was declared the winner of Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge in the $5 million prize category, beating out 49 other communities from across Canada. As the Energize Bridgewater team works towards the program’s goal of reducing the energy poverty rate in our community by 20% by 2026, you can follow our progress, and learn about how you can benefit from the program, by visiting energizebridgewater.ca. For more about the history of Energize Bridgewater and other sustainability initiatives of the Town of Bridgewater, you can browse our document library below.

Smart Cities Challenge Library

Renewable Energy Resource Study

Detailed Operational Study: Local Energy Financing Systems 

Community Energy Investment Plan: The Way Forward

Community Energy Financing Mechanisms Scoping Study 

Energy Poverty in Bridgewater Report 

Energize Bridgewater Partner Kick-off Engagement Session Summary

Smart Cities Challenge - Bridgewater's Winning Project Document



The Town of Bridgewater's Energize Bridgewater project is working to help tenants, landlords, developers and homeowners in Bridgewater take charge of their monthly energy bills. We have complied resources to help you save money and reduce energy consumption. Learn more on the Energize Bridgewater website: https://www.energizebridgewater.ca/resources.

For further reading on energy poverty and  affordable housing in Bridgewater and Nova Scotia, visit the links below: 

South Shore Housing Action Coalition: Housing Needs Assessment

Solving Nova Scotia's Electricity Pricing Problem: Energy Affordability vs Rising Electricity Prices 

For more about energy poverty  across Canada, visit energypoverty.ca

Energize Bridgewater Advisory Committee (EBAC)

The Energize Bridgewater Advisory Committee (EBAC) is a committee of Bridgewater town council made up of  residents and representatvies of relevant sectors. The committee meets every two months. For more information and to get involved, visit the EBAC web page here.


What is Energy Poverty?

 Defining Energy Poverty

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