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Energize Bridgewater

Jessica McDonald (she/her), Director of Community Development and Energize Bridgewater 
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The Director of Community Development is responsible for the overall management of the Town’s Planning, Energuize Bridgewater, and Recreation Services, which includes strategic and long-term community and land-use planning, project management, development review and control, sustainability, recreation programming, special projects and GIS services.

Leon de Vreede (he/him), Senior Policy & Program Planner  

Leonis responsible forimplementing the core policy and programmatic aspects of the Energize Bridgewater program. He designs programs and policies, manages contracts, engages stakeholders, and conducts program evaluations..

Meghan Doucette
(she/her), Planner I 
Meghan leads communications and community engagement for the Energize Bridgewater team. She also supports program design and coordinates Energize Bridgewater events and activities in the community

Sujata Sajan
(she/her), Project Coordinator 

Sujata provides project management support to the Energize Bridgewater team by managing workflows and processes of the project. This includes task and milestone monitoring, tracking, documentation, and reporting.

Josie Rudderham
(she/her), Energize Program Navigator

Josie supports Energize Bridgewater participants by building relationships, and providing accessible, trauma-informed services. When a community member wants to learn more or participate in an Energize Bridgewater program, Josie is the person who answers their email or phone call and helps them out.

Jenish Patel
(he/him), Data Science Analyst

Jenish is working on design, development, and will help manage the community-wide Energy Management Information System (EMIS). Jenish is responsible for managing IT systems to troubleshoot errors and ensure end-user satisfaction.

Asad Hussain (he/him), Senior Energy Manager
(902) 541-4372
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Asad oversees the development of Energy Management and Information System (EMIS). He uses data-driven decision-making to support energy efficient home upgrades.

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