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Solid Waste Collection and Schedules

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Don’t miss a waste collection day again! The R6RECYCLES app can be downloaded to Apple and Android devices through your handheld's store. It includes your Collection Calendar, the "What Goes Where?" tool, and the Waste Sorting Game.


Don’t have a smartphone or computer? Call 902-543-2991 to sign up for automated phone call reminders about your collection day.

Special and holiday collections for residents of the Town of Bridgewater are published in the collection calendar distributed to residents annually in December by mail.

For a waste collection issue, please call the Waste Collection Hotline:  1-855-530-3324

Please note, collection times can change due to staffing, weather, traffic, construction, etc. Cancellations are advertised with local media. Residents are reminded all items must be to the curb prior to 8:00 a.m. on collection day.

Click here for the  pdf 2021 Solid Waste Collection Calendar (1.92 MB)  and  pdf 2022 Solid Waste Collection Calendar (1.96 MB)

Blue Week Collection, every two weeks. Recyclables – Must be clean: plastic bottles, jugs, trays, containers and bags. Glass jars, milk/ juice jugs and cartons, and metal cans collected in blue bag. Paper & Boxboard – papers, cracker boxes, books, magazines, egg cartons, flyers, collected in a bag; Corrugated Cardboard flattened & tied in bundles up to 3 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft dimension. Max combined weight of 100 kgs (222 lbs) for Blue Week items.

Green Week Collection, every two weeks. Green Cart: all food waste and kitchen scraps, meat, bones, shellfish, leaves, soiled paper, napkins, pizza boxes. Garbage: styrofoam, clothing, diapers, personal hygiene items, chip bags. Max 6 garbage bags per dwelling, 1 bag may be non-transparent (black), the rest must be clear bags. Max weight of 100 kgs (222 lbs) for bagged garbage.

Bi-weekly Bulky Landfill Collection: Each dwelling can put out 2 bulky landfill items such as a couch, mattress or a sink every Green Week collection. Each item may weigh up to 100 kgs (222 lbs) and measure up to 1.8 m (6 ft) long. Wood, metal, hazardous waste, electronics, tires and paint will not be collected. Do not put items out sooner than 8 pm, the day before pick up.

Christmas Tree Collection: January 11 - 15, on your regular collection day. Trees up to 3 m (10 ft) long collected.

Leaf & Yard Waste Clean-ups: May 3 - 7 and November 15 - 19 on your regular collection day. Paper leaf bags must be used for collection, plastic bags not accepted. Max 25 kgs (55 lbs) per bag or bundle of branches. Branches: bundle and tie, pieces up to 0.9 m (3 ft) long and no thicker than
5 cm (2 inches). Max volume of 2 cubic metres yard waste collected. Yard waste can also go in your green cart.

Weekly Green Cart Collection: July 2 - September 30 Green carts will be collected during Green Week and Blue Week, on your regular collection day. Green carts will be collected during Green Week only for the rest of the year.

Fall Wood & Metal Collection: September 13 - 17 Wood and metal items will be collected on your regular pick up day. A cumulative weight of 100 kgs (222 lbs) and volume of 2 cubic metres of wood and metal can be collected. Pieces of wood and metal may measure up to 1.8 m (6 ft) long. Place metal and wood in separate piles.

Curbside Giveaway Event Oct. 2 (starts at 7 am) - Oct. 3 (ends 5 pm). Give away unwanted, reusable items. Items to put out: furniture, small appliances, sports equipment, toys, books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, tools, yard/gardening equipment, kitchen items, construction materials, clothing, paint and home decorations. Guidelines: Items must be in usable and working condition. Put a “FREE” sign on items being given away. Put items at the curb in a safe location, avoid blocking vehicle traffic and sidewalks. Remove all items from the curb that haven’t been taken by 5 pm on Oct. 3.

Curbside Electronics Collection: October 25 - 29, each dwelling may put 3 electronics curbside. Do not damage electronics. Drop electronics off at a recycling depot during rest of the year. The Community Recycling Centre, 908 Mullock Road, Whynott’s Settlement accepts electronics. Call (902) 543-2991 or visit www.recycleMYelectronics.ca to find out more.

Storm Cancellations: Cancelled collections are rescheduled and announced on local radio, at www.communityrecycling.ca and the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre’s Facebook page. An afterhours message is also provided at (902) 543-2991.

pdf TOB Collection Map (1.01 MB)



  pdf Recycling Guide (707 KB)



Safe Sharps Program


An Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) depot has opened at the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre (LRCRC), at 908 Mullock Road, Whynott's Settlement. Most electronics are banned from landfill in Nova Scotia. Unwanted electronics are accepted through the EPRA stewardship program, to oversee responsible recycling of these items. The depot is open during regular hours of operation at the LRCRC.

Electronic items are free to drop off for recycling. Electronics cannot be accepted through curbside collection. Televisions, stereos, computers, printers and audio/video systems are accepted. To view a complete list of accepted items, click here. For more information, call 902-543-2991.

 Printed Town collection information and orders for compost carts can be obtained by contacting:

Town of Bridgewater - Engineering Department
60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater, NS  B4V 3X9
Tel:  902-541-4370
Fax:  902-543-0421 

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