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Sewer Connection Procedure and Fees

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The Town of Bridgewater has a Public Sewer By-Law. (see link below)

All new laterals must be installed by the Town’s Public Works Department to the property line for a fee as shown below and from the property line to the house is the home owner’s responsibility.

All laterals are to be inspected by Town inspectors before they are backfilled. Contact the Engineering Department 24 hours prior to commencement of work at 541-4370.



icon_pdf  Town of Bridgewater Public Sewer By-Law


In Town Residential

The fees listed below are for residential development only. For all other types of development (ie. Commercial, Industrial, Etc.) the services are run at actual cost of construction.





 Sewer  Existing Dwelling
As of 1 Jan 1991
New Dwelling
Serviced Lot
New Dwelling
Unserviced Lot
 Sanitary  $300  $0  $600
 Storm (with Sanitary)  $125  $0  $350
 Storm (Separate)  $300   $0  $600




Out Of Town       

Sewer - Handled through the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, where available. The Town of Bridgewater bulk bills the Municipality where applicable based on the number of sewer units. Special arrangement may be available for connection of sewer as approved by Council.