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A dog licence helps protect your pet by providing an easy-to-identify dog tag and registration with the Town of Bridgewater.  

   pdf Click here to download additional details and the form that you need to register your dog. (109 KB)  


Benefits of having your dog licensed:

  • A current licence will help the Town reunite lost dogs with their owners.
  • A current licence means if your dog ends up in a pound, it will be easy to locate you and arrange for his quick return home.
  • A current dog licence keeps you in-line with the Town's Dog By-law, and you won't be charged a fine of over $220.00 for an unregistered dog.

All dogs must be registered annually (April 1st each year)

Neutered/Spayed - $10 each
Unneutered/Unsprayed - $30 each

NEW LIFETIME TAG – When you pay your annual registration, you can keep your tag and registration number!

If you love them, license them!

For more information call 543-4651, or visit us at 60 Pleasant Street.

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