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The Town of Bridgewater Recreation Department wants to provide individuals and families with a little extra inspiration to enjoy our beautiful trails and parks this summer!

We have identified six “landmarks” at different locations within our trails and parks. Your task is to use the pictures and clues provided to help you find these “landmarks.”

At each location, we ask you to either take a picture of yourself or family with the landmark or to simply identify the super secret coloured symbol that you will find in the general area.

What will the super secret symbols look like? Well ... let's just say that you might want to keep your eyes out for markings that look like these:

Scavenge Objects

After you have identified all six locations or the symbol for each location, e-mail all the pictures or send a list of the symbols associated with each to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please provide the names of those included in the photos or simply the names of those who participated. Each name will be entered in a draw to win a croquet set!

The scavenger hunt runs through end-of-day on June 28, 2020.


IMG 9063 Clue 1 -- Find this landmark, by enjoying a stroll in one of Bridgewater’s newest parks along the LaHave River.

IMG 9021Clue 2 -- Find this landmark in our most popular park along the LaHave River.

IMG 9019
Clue 3 -- Find your way to the Duck Pond and follow the trail leading to Exhibition Drive to discover this landmark.

IMG 9027
Clue 4 -- Find this landmark while you navigate the trails near South Shore Vet Dog Zone.

IMG 9052
Clue 5 -- There is only one spot on the Centennial trail that you can enjoy this view.

IMG 9050
Clue 6 -- Find this landmark on the trails near a park that celebrates youth and boards with wheels.



Now get going!