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Mission Invisible GIFThe MISSION: INVISIBLE scavenger hunt will have you searching all around town for clues that can only be activated with water and seen when wet!  WHAT?? That is right, they are invisible unless wet! The best time to look for these clues will be during or immediately after it rains.  Alternatively, you could use other means of water (squirt gun, water bottle etc) to activate the clues.

What are you looking for? 
Your mission is to identify all 10 ocean related symbols and collect each letter that accompanies that symbol.  Once you have found and identified all 10 symbols and each letter, you must unscramble the letters to form the correct word.

Water invisibleThe image to the right is an example of what you are looking for. But don't worry -- you're not totally on your own on this scavenger hunt. We'll get you started with a series of clues!

Clues to each location
You'll want to pay particular attention to these locations around Bridgewater:

-- Main entrance of the DesBrisay Museum, near the information panel.

-- Skate Park near the permanent metal picnic table.

-- Near the main entrance of King Street Court (next to Jac’s Burgers)

-- Near the information panel for the duck pond on Alexandra Avenue

-- Near the playground sign in front of BES.

-- In Riverside Park behind the TD Bank just as the two sidewalks intersect.

-- Near the entrance sign for HB Studios Sports Centre and the South Shore Vet Dog Park.

-- Near a fire hydrant on Glen Allan Drive, a short distance from the Dawson Daisy.

-- On the sidewalk near the Aberdeen Green/Hodge Podge Community Garden sign.

-- On the cement pad leading to the public docks in Shipyards Landing.


Participants must submit an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. listing all 10 symbols found and the successfully unscrambled word. All participants will be entered to win a prize. 

DEADLINE FOR CONTEST: Submissions will be received up to August 31, 2020.