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The Town of Bridgewater has a process through which it will consider applications for financial support from non-profit organizations and societies (groups) that provide programs, services, or activities that enhance the quality of life for Bridgewater residents.

This financial support, known commonly as the Town's Grants to Organizations program, is provided in recognition of the value these organizations provide to the well-being of residents and businesses, the growth of our community, and the contribution they make to Bridgewater achieving its vision -- that all  residents and visitors are able to enjoy life in a progressive, healthy, safe, diverse,and inclusive community with a strong sense of civic pride.

There are three different categories through which applicants may apply to the Grants to Organizations program. Use the links below to access PDF forms of each application and learn about the requirements for each process:

Community Development Grant

Community Capital Grant

Operational Grant

Application in-take periods occur twice annually, with deadlines for submission on March 1 and September 30. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year; however, these applications will be reviewed by staff to identify if the support requested requires committee review and Town Council approval outside of the established intake periods of September 30 and March 1.

If you're interested in more details on the Grants to Organizations process, you can read the complete Policy 77 - Grants to Organizations, by clicking here.

You can also get more information and assistance by contacting the Department of Community Development at 902-543-2274.

Are you looking for information on the Town's Facade Improvement program? If so, click here.

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